Benarkah ini produk Apple ?

Waduh udah lama lagi gue gak update blog ini (sorry yah 😀 )

Apple memang sering mengejutkan konsumen dan penggemarnya dengan produk-produk barunya. Jika brand-brand sejenis lainnya pasti memunculkan informasi tentang produk barunya melalui pihak mereka sendiri. Namun tidak untuk Apple. Sebut saja Apple iPad yang baru dikeluarkan quartal 1 2010. Sebelumnya para penggemar hanya menyangkalbahwa itu hanya gosip belaka, karena pihak Apple pun tidak mengklarifikasinya dan juga gosip-gosip produk Apple bukan kali pertamanya di dunia perinternetan dunia.

Ok langsung saja, berikut ini gue akan menampilkan foto-foto buatan yang pernah menjadi hot gossip produk buatan Apple di internet. Untuk info gambarnya segera menyusul yah kawan, maklum pengguna internet time based :).




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Setelah blogwalking tadi saya jadi melihat-lihat rumor gadget Apple terbaru dengan masing-masing konsepnya. Tapi maaf nih soalnya pake bahasa inggris,….

apple netbook Apple Netbook to be released in OctoberWe all knew that there was talk about Apple producing a Netbook but now a Taiwanese newspaper has come out and said that Apple’s new Netbook will make its debut this October.

Apple has consistently repeated that it isn’t interested in producing low cost run of the mill Netbooks so we are all expecting something different with this one but what do we know?

A translation of the original Chinese story appearing in InfoTimes was posted on MacRumours and by all accounts the description of the Netbook fits the view that Technology Business Research’s analyst Ezra Gottheil has had for months.

“The screen size, the fact that it will be a touch screen, is pretty much along the route I think Apple should take,” said Gottheil. “The price point, though, is pretty high if Apple wants to do with a Netbook what I think it wants to do”.

“But then, Apple has never been above squeezing early adopters,” Gottheil added.

According to the report the screen size is a mere 9.7 inches which puts it smaller than some of the other popular Netbooks on the market and it is a touch screen. The cost is reported to be around the $800 mark which is far more expensive than most other Netbooks and puts this one in another bracket.

The report even mentions three Taiwanese manufacturers who will be producing the components for the Netbook and these are Dynapack International Technology, Foxconn and Wintek.

According to Gottheil, we are not to think of this new Netbook as a PC but as a device that can do the things that Netbooks can do like checking emails and browsing the web of course, but we shouldn’t compare it to a Netbook.

As for the operating system, well Gottheil says, “I think this will use something more like the iPhone operating system than the Mac” he adds “and it will have something like the iPhone’s App Store.”

The App store is important says Gottheil in order for Apple to have control over what goes on the Netbook, particularly for security issues.

“Having that control is really important to them….especially as a way to cut off any security problems. They would not want to ever see a virus on something like this.”

What we don’t know is if the new device is a traditional Netbook or a tablet without a keyboard but I kind of like Gottheil’s vision of an “iPod on steroids”.

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What would Apple Netbook look like? (Updated)

Have you ever thought about how the Apple Netbook (incase Apple makes one) could look like ? Here’s what designer Isamu Sanada has come up with.

The design is based on the legacy Apple iBook, only more thinner and more prettier. This next-generation Apple Netbook is claimed to feature an 8.9-inch LED display, 16GB SSD, and almost everything you would expect in the most powerful netbook around.

Its a pity this design is only a concept.


Apple Netbook is not a concept anymore as it is becoming a reality. It is very likely to be released by October 2009. But the looks have not been confirmed yet, as it may look like a conventional notebook or an over-sized iPod /iPhone.

Another predicted design from Frunny


Here’s another “to be the Apple netbook” device from


One more design by (via CNET)…


[UPDATED – 18-Aug-09]

Another predicted design by Media for the upcoming Apple Tablet/Netbook



The Apple netbook and the iPhone nano pictures

To supplement Andrew’s write up about the Apple rumors in the past week, I am bringing to you the images that people visualized of the iPhone nano and Apple netbook. There are many opinions doing their rounds about the netbook and the Internet is now full of different netbook pictures showcasing both creativity and imagination.

Here are some of the Apple netbook and iPhone nano design concepts:









Of course, we would see the real designs of the gadgets only at the time of launch. Till then it’s time to get a little creative and design more  and come up with more ideas.


Apple Netbook Concept

We are not sure if Apple has a netbook simmering this year, but if it looks anything like the above concept, they can be sure they have a winner in the mini-notebook segment too.  The above concept was designed by Adam Benton for MacFormat and looks like an iPhone that’s had one too many meals and runs iPhone OS 3.0.  The entire Home directory will be stored on a Apple cloud server and frequently used files are cached locally.  For charging, the netbook can be docked and also connected to a variety of devices using its USB and FireWire ports.  Integrated 3G connectivity to keep in sync with the Apple servers and Bluetooth A2DP audio profile round out its wireless options, and for those reticent about using the virtual keyboard, a hardware keyboard can also be paired via Bluetooth.

Sounds nice, right?  Let us wait and see if Apple has something that matches this concept or ups the ante a bit more.


Feature: Would You Buy an Apple UMPC or MID?

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For the longest time, Macs had to play second fiddle to their Microsoft-powered counterparts. Sure, Steve Jobs and crew had a few clever innovations in there, but the market share for an Apple computer was nowhere the same market share experienced by Windows-powered PCs. These days, Windows machines still outnumber Apple machines, but the latter has made a lot of headway. As I’m sure you already know, Apple is also experiencing tons of success with the iPod and the iPhone. Both of those product lines are literally selling like hotcakes.

With the popularity of Apple products on the rise, it would only make sense for the team in Cupertino to further capitalize on our increasing love of all things glossy black, glossy white, and matte silver. We can’t get enough of the iPhone 3G. We simply adore the MacBook Pro. Why, then, hasn’t Apple created something that fits between the iPhone and the MacBook?

A Netbook or Subnotebook by Apple?

You see, Steve Jobs and crew don’t need to be the first ones to market in order to make for a resounding success. The MP3 player was being sold by companies like RCA long before the iPod came along and even then, the phenomenon didn’t catch on until a generation or two later. Apple tweaked the design, pumped up the marketing, and made it work.

As more and more people get excited about products like the Acer Aspire One, MSI Wind, and Asus Eee PC, it seems that Apple could once again capitalize on an emerging market. Those machines are powered by Linux or Windows XP, but a growing population prefer the Mac OS. Couldn’t they produce a slightly slimmed down version that’d work in a netbook or subnotebook form factor?

Imagine if Apple were to recreate a MacBook Mini or a MacBook nano. It could have a 8.9-inch display, an illuminated keyboard, and most of the usual doo-dahs that you’d come to expect from an entry-level MacBook, but in a much more portable form factor. This model could serve the same function as the nano does for the iPod line; it can do most of what the bigger iPod (or MacBook) can do, but in a smaller and cheaper form.

How About a UMPC or MID?

If not a netbook, Apple could consider something that would compete against the ultra mobile PCs (UMPCs) and Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) of the world, but with a Cupertino flair. Essentially, what they could build is a larger iPod touch, one with a stronger processor, more storage capacity, and something closer to a full build of Mac OS X.

Again, all they would have to do is place the specs (and price) somewhere between the smaller item (the iPhone and/or iPod touch) and the larger item (MacBook or MacBook Pro). It doesn’t need to a full-fledged MacBook tablet; it just needs to have a large multitouch display and decent processing power. The advantage over the iPhone would be that this could run real Mac OS X apps, rather than ones built for the mobile platform.

Somehow, I get the strange suspicion that an Apple UMPC priced at around $600-$800 would do better than similarly priced MIDs and UMPCs that are already available on the market. You could even toss in a glossy white back for good measure.


Apple netbook to be made by Foxconn?

It wouldn’t be a proper Monday without some good Apple netbook rumors, and today’s tips Foxconn Electronics as shouldering ahead of rivals to win the coveted manufacturing contract.  Citing sources from the component supply chain (the makers of illuminated Apple logos, perhaps?), Chinese-language paper Commercial Times claims the much-discussed Apple netbook is not only on the roadmap but seeing bids from OEMs.

macbook mini concept 1

According to the report, Foxconn – also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry – is already set to become Apple’s “major notebook shipment growth contributor” in Q2 2009.  The company also manufacture the iPhone 3G for Apple.

Previous rumors have suggested that the Apple netbook may use an OLED display, potentially a 10-inch touchscreen provided by Wintek.  No form-factor confirmation has been made, leaving speculation hovering between a traditional clamshell device or possibly a slate-format device with no hardware keyboard.


Ho..ho… neh nambahin rumor notebook apple baru

Dan denger-denger nanti di versi MacBook baru akan di integrasikan LED-backlit display seperti yang ada pada Mackbook Pro atau MacBook air.

Selain itu seperti pernah di bahas sebelumnya ada rumor bakalan ada MacBook Touch dan MacBook Table